Hands and Hearts

Infant and Child Massage Instructor- Ellie Greenan

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Mums testimonials


"I liked the relaxed calm atmosphere, Ellie was very relaxed and chatty, and explained all the moves very well. My baby particularly likes his arms and legs being massaged."
"The group dynamic was great, Ellie the tutor was fantastic, she helped by being supportive, relaxed and baby led."
"I learnt that massage in general is good for babies. Ellie helped me feel more comfortable in the class by listening to me. I really liked the small details like the selection of oils available to try."
"Ellie was a very supportive and helpful tutor, allowing the class to be informal and baby led. My baby was not keen on having his face done, but loved his legs and feet being massaged."
"I really liked the easy relaxed pace of the classes. I learnt what my baby likes and does not respond to and that touch can improve closeness and relaxation. Ellie is obviously experienced with, and fond of babies, and happy for us to feed, change etc as needed."
"I loved spending one to one time with my baby and enjoyed learning the massage techniques. The music helped and Ellie was very friendly and the discussions after the massage were great to learn and share tips and the best oils etc."
"The handouts were really great and help at home. The atomosphere was calm. The class structure was great- massage and getting to know other mums."
"It was lovely to see my babys reaction to the other babies, I enjoyed the discussion with other mums and sharing useful information. Ellie made us feel comfortable to talk about our experiences."
"It's a lovely time to spend interacting with your baby."