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Infant and Child Massage Instructor- Ellie Greenan

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Why massage your baby?
Massaging your baby naturally communicates love, releases tension, and helps you better understand your baby's unique needs.The fact that it is fun is simply a benefit!

It's very hard to define in a few lines what the profound benefits of baby massage can be for both you and your baby so I have tried to list a few of the main rewards.


There are many physical effects that for babies can play an important role in circulation, digestion and growth. By using simple techniques massage can also ease the symptoms of colds, colic, constipation and teething.


Massage can also help babies who are premature and those with disabilities too, by improving muscle tone and stimulating growth hormones. Research studies have shown that premature babies that have been massaged increase their body weight more rapidly.


Instinctively we know that nurturing touch is vital to us all.  There is increasing scientific research which confirms that positive touch can release a flow of relaxing and calming hormones beneficial to both physical and emotional wellbeing.


Oxytocin is the"caring and calming" hormone that is probably most familiar to you in relation to birth and breast feeding. However, it has been shown that oxytocin can also be activated through massage producing a positive neurochemical state that can massively impact on many aspects of life from infant to adulthood. 


Therefore, it is an especially great skill for dads to learn, as logistically they may not always get the opportunities or time to bond with their babies in the ways mums can do.


Having a young baby can be a hugely demanding time for any parent.  Baby massage can be an opportunity for some quality one to one interaction and communication when you can both share in a special time away from the stresses and strains of daily life. 


In essence, there are many benefits, both physical and emotional. Through practising a simple routine with your baby you can begin a pattern that can pass from generation to generation in your family.






For hundreds of years many people of other cultures have been massaging their babies as part of their daily routine so come and discover how natural it feels to interact with your baby through nurturing touch.